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Passer de RapidWeaver à WordPress

I normally defer to Vasily's greater knowledge, but there's actually a far easier method not requiring Blogger/Rapidblog.

Wordpress (and similar blog tools) 'encourage' you to import blogs in numerous formats - under Tools > Import in the WP Dashboard.

RW Blogs output RSS XML files of course so you can import that - but first you need to make sure that file contains all your blog posts, so:

Under the RW Page settings, General, temporarily publish your RW blog with all your posts on one page - pick a silly large number equal or greater than the number of posts, say 200, and publish that massive blog page. Make sure under RSS settings you don't summarise posts.

Save to Disk your subsequently published RSS XML file - eg right click on the RSS icon on your blog page.

Then import that RSS XML file to Wordpress's RSS import Tool.

Et, viola!