Rapidweaver 4.2

La nouvelle version de Rapidweaver apporte enfin la localisation en français qui avait disparu avec la lignée 3.x... Les notes de versions sont longues, et, outre la traduction en français, elle apporte aussi de nombreuses corrections de bugs (on peut de nouveau ajouter ou enlever un lien de la barre latérale...). Il est encore à noter quelques imperfections de la traduction en français, oublis ou erreurs comme l’onglet « general » de l’inspecteur de page qui devient « Mise à niveau » en français...

Version 4.2 - November 3rd 2008
Application Updates
German Localisation added.
French Localisation added.
Italian Localisation added.
Japanese Localisation added.
Webpage source list now remembers the previous width.
Fixed issue with undoing setting and removing links.
Growl no longer displays notifications when RapidWeaver is in the foreground.
Fixed a "System Exception 11" issue when duplicating themes.
Fixed 'viewinitwithFrame' error when exporting or previewing certain blog pages on PowerPC machines.
RapidWeaver no longer hangs on quit.
Holding down the Command key whilst starting RapidWeaver now disables third-party plugins until the application is restarted.
Holding down Command and Option whilst starting RapidWeaver now disables all third-party add-ons [themes, snippets, plugins] until the application is restarted
Sidebar area can now add and remove links again.
Fixed an issue which prevented 3GP and M4V files being added to Movie Albums.
Images dragged into a styled text view now have Web friendly, unique, filenames.
Fixed an issue with the Blog plugin confusing image file names in Summary and Body fields.
Fixed an issue with the Add Link sheet not showing existing links correctly.
Saving a document that has missing files is now not treated as an error.
Improvements to smart publishing / 'Credit RapidWeaver' metadata handling to reduce future uploads.
Numerous other fixes and enhancements.
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